Business & Corporate Law

Business and Corporate Law

Daniel Serna Law has the experience and knowledge necessary to assist our clients with their corporate transactions and structuring.

Our firm has the experience in assisting our clients from the initial stages of a start up enterprise to assisting them with proper funding, investment agreements, mergers and acquisitions (M & A) transactions, and handling complex corporate matters of all sizes. Daniel Serna will guide you through the complexities of structuring your business and executing complex contracts for your company.

Daniel Serna has served as outside counsel to numerous businesses, universities, organizations, non-profits, and investment groups to provide efficient and pragmatic solutions to problems that arise in everyday business. Whether negotiating commercial contracts, improving corporate governance large or small, or navigating administrative or immigration regulations, our firm will provide trusted and steady guidance on the issues that affect our clients and tailor solutions dedicated to their business goals and objectives.

Representation Every Step of the Way

We work with a variety of clientele from the very beginning of structuring initial business matters to ensure they avoid the common oversights and pitfalls that can seriously prejudice a starting business.

Our firm works with owners, directors, and management to help avoid disputes before they happen. We advise clients on their business operations, negotiating business and commercial contracts, licensing and other property agreements, and work with individual and group investors in acquisitions of businesses, real estate, or other corporate assets.

Daniel Serna Law can assist you with your business and corporate needs in:
  • Structuring a Limited Liability Company
  • Setting up and structuring a General Partnership or Limited Liability Partnership
  • Joint Ventures
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Commercial Contract Review
  • Selling or Transferring a Business

Serving Businesses of All Sizes

As outside or retained counsel, Daniel Serna will advise businesses of any size on the new startup organization or reorganization process and help companies determine which business structure is appropriate for their business needs and model.

Our firm’s goal is to provide steady guidance and practical advice every step of the way, whether we are resolving the simplest of business matters or counseling you through difficult circumstances. We aim to build a trusted and long-term strategic relationship with our clients by always placing your interests and objectives first.

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